As a socially responsible company, Bielcrystal is committed to social welfare while growing and developing. Dr. Yang Jianwen and Mr. and Mrs. Lin Huiying have donated a total of over HK$400 million to the community in their corporate and personal names. These good deeds have been highly evaluated and praised by the Hong Kong SAR Government, Guangdong Provincial Government and various sectors of the society. For many years, Bielcrystal has been awarded the Model Charity Award of Huizhou City, and has also been named as one of the top ten enterprises with outstanding contribution to the 10th anniversary of poverty relief activities in Guangdong Province.

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New Opportunities

In terms of sustainable development, Bielcrystal cooperates with renowned universities and authoritative institutions in industry-academia-research, and joins hands with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to promote advanced academic research in glass processing and manufacturing technology. We help City University of Hong Kong to carry out animal medicine research business and overseas exchange activities for students to breed more international talents.

Supporting Research

BIEL has donated HKD $8 million to the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong to establish an endowed professorship that promotes cutting-edge research and tertiary education.Also, BIEL has collaborated with the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong in industrial applications of research to nurture technical talents and realizes the economic value of theoretical research.

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Employee Benefits

Corporate culture is built by our employees and its values are the embodiment of success and excellence that perpetuates the continual growth of BIEL.BIEL organizes a variety of leisure activities routinely and invested in building a new composite building for hosting different cultural and sport facilities.Moreover, BIEL has also invested in our employees with the construction of a new training center within our premise. This provides practical training courses and lectures to the aspiring employees who would wish to further their career at BIEL.

Green Initiatives

In 2019, we were awarded the honor of `Green Factory Demonstration Unit of the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology` by expert review and third-party certification. `The honor.

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Rural development

BIEL is active in promoting social welfare across Hong Kong and the Guangdong province.Committed to giving back to society, we actively support charitable initiatives in both Hong Kong and the PRC and have made a cumulative donation of over RMB10 million.Also, BIEL fully supports Heifer Hong Kong, alleviating famine and poverty with eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, such as animal husbandry and growing high-value crops.


Apart from helping the underprivileged in the rural area, BIEL is determined to provide equal opportunities to education for rural youth. BIEL has devoted millions to the construction of new kindergartens and refurnishing existing school libraries in the rural region.BIEL has received various philanthropy awards from the Huizhou city and the Guangdong province for its charitable activities.